Klass Guide

The Kinjaz Dojo offers an assortment of klasses that range in skill level and style of movement. Choose from urban choreography, groove, yoga, foundation, or freestyle...whatever best expresses your soul. 

Be you and we'll be us. 

Together we are #KIN.


Hip Hop / Open Choreography

Beginner klasses introduce rhythm/music concepts, grooves, and basic choreography. Students are encouraged to discover and explore their own unique movements.

All levels are welcome! 

Suggested dance experience: 0-6 months

Beginner /


Urban Choreography

Beginner/Intermediate klasses provide the opportunity to build upon foundations and learn more challenging choreography. New styles are introduced as students continue to grow.

Suggested dance experience: 6-12 months


Urban Choreography / Kinjaz Klass

Intermediate klasses are designed to expand and continue to motivate students. Nuanced ideas are explored as students learn advanced movements.  

Suggested dance experience: 12+ months

*The suggested dance experience timeline is only a guide. Everyone is different. We learn at different rates and different ways. The more consistent with anything you are practicing, the more you will improve.


Further in-depth training can be scheduled with our KINstructors for one-on-one lessons.